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Domaine Loujan, Bas Armagnac

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been appointed as exclusive UK importers for Domaine Loujan. They are situated just outside the tiny village of Mormes in the heart of the beautiful countryside of the Bas Armagnac region. On a recent trip to the region in June the Armagnacs from this Estate were very definitely the highlight of the trip.


This is a truly artisan Domaine with five and a half hectares of vines surrounding the old stone house, all farmed organically. Many Armagnac producers also grow other crops and make wine as well but at Domaine Loujan they just focus on producing Armagnac of the very highest quality.


Our friend Marc Darroze is the consultant here and works very closely with the charming owners Bob and Laura Hill who share his passion for perfection and attention to detail. Quantities are tiny, sixteen barrels of four hundred Litres capacity per year ! An immaculate barrel cellar is filled with hand crafted barrels from the famed local tonnelier Gilles Bartholomo. There is also the smallest bottling machine that we have ever seen that fills two bottles at a time and all of the labels are applied by hand ! Bob always bottles at cask strength and never dilutes as he believes this lessens the complexity of the flavours.