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The week of 11th November 1993 was perishingly cold in the Aube, with hard morning frosts, lingering fogs and vividly blue afternoon skies. That week, Jeremy and Richard undertook a thorough study of the growers of the region, determined to discover and work with talented vignerons, as Thorman Hunt did in the rest of France, rather than big houses. That memorable and fortuitous trip began our relationships with Champagnes Gallimard Père et Fils and J.P. Robert (now Bernard Robert). Their wines were a revelation then and they have continued to give pleasure to our customers during the subsequent twenty years. Once we had the taste for growers' Champagnes, Veuve Fourny quickly followed and Paul Dethune completed our range more recently.

Growers' Champagnes simply offer the best value in Champagne. Just like our Growers all over France, they do not advertise, they have no costly publicity and marketing departments. They just make gorgeous Champagne with tastes that reflect their various "terroirs".